A wallet for Zimbabweans that enables digital payments of ZASH

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Sign up with ZiTenga and receive $1.00 worth of free ZASH when your account is verified, as well as $1.00 per verified referral.

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Low transaction fees

For the first year, transaction fees for all ZASH payments are set to just 0.5%, which will be reevaluated as the network grows.

We’re here to make transactions seamless and affordable for all users, so you can pay people in rural areas without worrying about losing lots of money in transaction fees.

Zimbabweans abroad

Are you a Zimbabwean living outside of Zim? You can participate, too!

You will also receive an initial allocation of ZASH when you join, and when you send ZASH home to Zimbabwe for users to cash-out at stores, you’ll only pay 3.5% in transaction fees.

Not from Zimbabwe?

You’re included, too!

Sign up to create your own wallet where you’ll be able to buy ZASH, together with other crypto currencies, using on-ramps like debit cards, direct bank transactions, and other crypto payments. Sign up here.


A fixed supply digital token in Zimbabwe that allows people to make digital payments on a daily basis.